Precipitation in Taiwan

Incessant water cycle fills our Earth with lives. After a raindrop drips down from the sky, it may evaporate back to the sky, flow through streams, rivers and eventually into the ocean. Some may permeate into the Earth’s surface and become groundwater, forming various aquatic environment and ecology which also provide humans with water resource needed for existence and development.

The climate conditions in Taiwan are very unique. Despite the fact that there is an abundance of rain, the time of precipitation is not During flood season, the precipitation all over Taiwan reaches 70 %very balanced. For instance, during the high flow period (May to September),the precipitation all over Taiwan reaches 70 %, whereas the precipitation in Southern Taiwan can reach up to 90 %. The physiographic conditions in Taiwan are very special as well. Steep topography results in swift current in the river which flows into the ocean rapidly. The time of water stays on the land is rather short, making the employment and management of water resources very difficult. Therefore, although the precipitation in Taiwan is 2.6 times higher than the world average, each person is allotted not even 1/5 of it, turning Taiwan into the 19th countries deficient in water around the world.

Big waves caused by TD affect coastal areas severely.However, the geography of Taiwan is on monsoon frontal surface and east-pacific typhoon route. There are often typhoons and torrential rain. The torrential rain carried by typhoons usually causes floods in rivers and landslides. Big waves caused by low atmospheric pressure also affect the safety of coastal areas severely. These special conditions of water resources, rivers and coasts hence become three main points for the aquatic environment of Taiwan. We can understand more about the current conditions and problems of our aquatic environment from these three aspects below.

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